Friday, December 7, 2007

BA's in the Agile process

This dude here is reasoning out the role of a BA in Agile development.

His main point are these;
Developers can't elicit requirements. I agree, not because they can't, but developers should be busy developing. I'm not advocating insulating the developers from the users, but provide them the opportunity to productively develop without the added burden of trying to elicit useful information from the requestor...unless they want to.

Stakeholders can't model and document their own requirements. This is true. If a requestor is not familiar with creating a "user story," or expressing "conditions of acceptance," etc. Then someone (in the BA role) needs to stand in the gap and complete these components of requirements gathering process.

You need analysis experts. I don't agree with this. The developers should be able to analyze the requirements to propose a technical solution. The key word being "should." But it seems as if they push-back, they just want to "know what to code." Not "figure out what to code." What am I missing? I'd like to have another perspectives.

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